The connected world movement

Through my life and my work I have learnt one thing. How connected we are to one-selves, the world and others is the key to a fulfilling life. 

This movement is born from my determination to find ways to connect more in a world which becomes more disconnected day by day. 

But I cannot do this alone. I NEED YOU for this! 

Your ideas, suggestions and even your contribution and engagement is very much appreciate it. We can change the world together, it is yet not too late…

Be part of something big, be part of making the world a better place! 

How? I am not very sure yet… I am starting with a Facebook page where I will post ideas of things that can help us connect to others, the world and/or ourselves. You can find the feed underneath. Feel free to follow the page and to leave a comment here about your experiences or ideas. 

Additionally, I will post monthly dares to push you out of your comfort zone and increase your connection levels. You can find this wall on the website menu.

Help me make this movement viral, please share with your friends, family, classmates, anyone! It is our opportunity to make a big impact in the world!





the feed's movement

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