in nature

outdoors therapy

What is it?

Instead of facing a therapist in the confines of a practice, the session is held outside. It can be done while walking or simply sitting in a nice bench, on the grass or on a picnic blanket.

Obvious advantages of the outdoors is that it is a multi-sensory experience, linked to higher levels of oxytocin, the ‘feel-good’ hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. If walking, this also reduces blood pressure and encourages clients to exercise or at least spend more time outdoors. And natural scenery can trigger memories or thoughts about the past or acts as a calming backdrop to any issues up for discussion.

It can feel often more relaxing and meditative. Outdoor therapy brings different dimensions to therapeutic work. Outdoors it seems so much easier to move out of the busy mind space that we usually occupy and into a more balanced appreciation of mind and body. It can open up a space in which we can be more physically present through simple atunements to our senses focus on trees, birds, colours, smells,  sensory experiences, removing the shoes and letting our bare feet make contact with the grass, soil or rocks or letting our hands trail through wet leaves, touch mossy walls?

Outdoors therapy is having someone accompany us very literally on a journey, our healing journey.

What you need in preparation

Just bring good shoes and clothes matching the weather, e.g. a rain jacket. Make sure you are warm enough, but it depends on you. If your body warms up quickly with movement you may like to wear some layers to be able to adjust this. Umbrellas will be provided. Should the weather be too unforgiving on the day, the session can be re-arranged for an indoors session that day or during week instead.

You will set the pace of the session. If you prefer to sit somewhere nice or have a relaxing meditative stroll or prefer a more active, faster paced session, BestYou Therapies will match your pace.

What is it for?

This form of therapy works brilliantly for anxiety, depression, bereavement, work-related stress, anger issues, and addiction. It can be a real breakthrough for teenage pupils finding everyday life a real struggle but for whom traditional therapy is a turn-off.

Mothers with babies or toddlers who may have anxiety or post-natal depression who struggle to fit in therapy sessions as they will be able to bring their trollies with their asleep babies

Another group of clients for whom outdoors therapy works well are busy professionals from the city coping with stress, anxiety and depression.

Elite sports men and women who are used to being active and respond well to a more dynamic form of therapy or anyone who would struggle with the traditional sitting static therapeutic experience.

What is the cost?

£50 per 1 hour session if setting chosen is within Dundee/ Newport on Tay/ Tayport area.

For settings outside this areas price of session will be determined depending on travelling distance required for the therapist. Please consult prices by email.