Why seek help?

Life can be challenging. Nobody teaches us how to deal with life, how to deal with emotions and difficulties. The emphasis is always on our physical health care but we neglect our emotional and mental well-being and emotional health.

I believe in preventive counselling and psychotherapy, therefore I believe you don’t have to be at the end of your tether to seek for a bit of guidance and to explore options to go forward. Investing in therapy is investing in health.

When we break a leg we go to the doctor, expecting to cure the leg by ourselves is unrealistic. We could leave it heal by itself but without the guidance of a doctor it may never heal properly and even the damage could be irreversible. The mind and the heart are similar to the body and sometimes is better to seek help sooner than later.

In society we tent to underestimate the importance of our mental and emotional well-being but without it we will barely live a fulfilling life, or we will barely LIVE full stop, we may just get by or survive, but you, and anyone, deserve more than that.

It is okay to seek help, coming to therapy doesn’t mean you are crazy or weak, it is time to break old stereotypes about therapy and understand that what it really means is that you recognise your limitations and have the courage to ask for help and to start your journey of healing and/or self improvement, because it is not easy to be better than yesterday but it is certainly worth it.

Getting started: the process of starting therapy with me.

If interested in starting therapy with me, you can email, text or book a free 20 minutes consultation through this website with no obligation (Picking up phone calls can be challenging for me due to work).

At the moment I have premises in Dundee. We will set a day and time and I will send you the address where we will meet.

During the consultation I will answer any questions you may have and you will have the chance to briefly outline what areas you need help with.

After consultation, we won’t set a next appointment so you have the freedom to choose whether to start therapy or not without feeling pressured. I will give you my business card and tell you to contact me when you are ready if you would like to set a first appointment.

On the first appointment we will go over the therapeutic agreement and set your goals for therapy.

How many sessions you come for will be entirely up to you, although I may recommend the ending when I see you are ready to continue by yourself.

In regards to the frequency of sessions I recommend us starting weekly to develop a strong therapeutic relationship, however, I will adapt to your needs and circumstances.

For any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.