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integrative counselling


Are you struggling with life? with your every day to day? Do you feel unhappy? Has life been difficult at some point and you think this may be holding you back now? and would you like to explore ways to feel better?

Have you suffer one or multiple traumas, abandonment, neglect or any type of abuse and this is affecting your ability to live a fulfilling life? 

Are you experiencing, anxiety, low mood, addiction, bereavement, stress or low self esteem and you would like to explore how to manage this better?

BestYou Therapies offer traditional talking one to one counselling, video-calling,  creative therapies such as art or sand play therapy; and outdoors therapy for those who struggle with the formal traditional therapy setting; and soon the possibility to do therapy accompanied by animals to enhance the therapeutic process. 

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relationship counselling


Relationship counselling is quite wide and varied. Weather you are single struggling being alone or forming lasting relationships; or you are starting a relationship and feeling insecure and want to make sure patterns are not repeated; or you are a couple experiencing issues in the relationship such as lack of communication, fights, intimacy and/or issues, infidelity, different parenting styles, abortion, cross-cultural differences, stress, addiction, extended family issues; or a couple contemplating separation or divorce and wanting to do so in the best way possible and learn from it for future relationships, relationship counselling is for you. 

But it goes further than that, relationship counselling can help with any other type of relationships, not just romantic. Issues in between friends, or family siblings, parents or any other family member or even colleagues. 

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personal coaching


The purpose of personal coaching is to maximize your potential. Is there some area of your life, be it personal or professional, that you’re looking to change? Personal coaching can help you to meet, and often exceed, your goals.

A personal coach will work with you 1:1 to identify your specific goals, strengths and areas of opportunity. As you develop a relationship with your coach, they will gain a deeper understanding of what course of action best suits your goals, personality and strengths. Your personal coach can help you with discovering strategies and plans  for you to get the results you’re after.  Personal coaching is so essential to transforming your dreams into reality.

Coaching is also ideal for when you feel stuck or lost, you don’t know who you are or you are confused about your purpose in life

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Hypnotherapy is an evidence based therapy which uses hypnosis, a different state of consciousness anyone can enter naturally so beneficial corrections can be given directly to the unconscious mind for more effective treatments. 

BestYou therapies specialises in regression, past life regression and progression therapy where memories are recollected or images are constructed by the mind to make sense of and work through present issues.

Hypnotherapy is  useful phobias, fears or phobias that have no recognized cause, Intimacy or relational issues, feelings of guilt and shame that seem to have no explanation, lack of purpose in life, life blockages, low mood, anxiety, life choices, lack of motivation, etc

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clinical supervision


Clinical supervision is very important for the counselling and psychotherapy professions for both beginners and the more advance practitioners to review their work with clients  and enhance their professional and also personal development. 

I am at the moment completing the placement hours of my certificate in clinical supervision, therefore supervisees can benefit from a significant reduced fee per 1.5 hour session.