write me a letter project

I have wanted to launch this initiative for a long time but now seems the best time for it.

We are going through very difficult times as we are facing a pandemic, we are secluded at home and we had to reduce human contact considerably. 

We have also been forced to slow down and do much less than what we are used to. We have more time to think and certainly more time to feel, and for some of you this time is being very difficult. 

Take this opportunity to do something different and reach out with a letter. 

I will be at the other end reading your story. 

During my years of practice I have seen many people turn their life around, sometimes just through the simple process of taking time to look within, or because, for the first time, they were allowed to tell  their stories knowing they wouldn’t be judged. 

I truly believe we underestimate the power of talking, the power of voicing our deepest thoughts and feelings. They become something else when we have to give those feelings a word, a name, they sometimes feel a bit more bearable. 

Writing in my opinion does the same thing, or I would dare to say, it is even more powerful, as when we sit down in front of a piece of paper we have time to chose those words that best represent our feelings and thoughts. 

It is true, that often, words are not enough, but I believe it is always a good way to start, but I also know it is not always the easier…

For this reason, I would like to give more people the opportunity to tell their stories or to offload them in a piece of paper knowing someone will read and acknowledge them without judgement. 

how you can take part on the project

Your letters can be completely anonymous, or you can include a name and address if you wish for a reply, but please do so inside the letter to protect your identity. Bear in mind I cannot promise I will reply to all letters if demand becomes high.

At the end of the year I will select and publish some of your stories in a book.

Note that you give your automatic consent for your letter to be published once it is sent, unless you state that you do not give consent for your letter to be used  at the bottom of it, this is of course an option.

You have all the right to deny consent, so please do not forget to do so if you are not comfortable with the idea of your story being public.

You can send your letters to: 


Write me a letter project

BestYou Therapies Ormeno

Bowbridge Business Centre,

Thisle street, DD3 7RF

Dundee, Scotland